Brewers Notes

Trew Blew - A History


Trew Brew Pty Ltd was formed in 1994 by artisan brewer Matt Donelan, to operate as a brewing consultancy, specifically for the growing micro brewing industry within Australia. The ongoing goal was to purchase brewing equipment and open and operate a wholesale only, artisan brewery within Sydney’s Inner West. For many years the company operated by providing a range of unique brewing services to the general industry within NSW. These included relief brewer operations to several breweries within Sydney, procuring equipment, product development, and a range of other services. These operations also included the installation of breweries in both Nanjing, PRC (1995) and Kamakura, Japan (1998). These projects were followed by the start-up of the Harbour Beer Company (1998) in Marrickville, NSW. During its operation Harbour Beer Company received wide critical acclaim, including several gold medals for its brand Full Sail Amber Ale, at various international brewing competitions. With the demise of Harbour Beer in 2000, the equipment was re-installed in the current location in Sydney’s Inner West suburb of St Peters and commenced brewing operations in 2000 as the St Peters Brewery.

The business was purchased by Martin Roberts in 2015 and currently operates under ST PETERS BREWERY SYDNEY PTY LTD

Blonde Premium

The flagship brand Blonde Premium was launched as Australia’s original ‘Blonde’ in July 2000 as a premium quality, draft only product and moved quickly into a range of hotels within the general distribution area, defined as ‘Inner West’. This product was developed as a full bodied Euro-style Blonde, not a low carb spin-off. This was followed by the bottled version in 2004, Green Star Lager.

Green Star Lager

green star lagerProduced as an all natural product in 640 ml long-neck bottles, Green Star Lager is delivered into a limited distribution network using returnable crates. This has given the product a loyal following within the very eclectic demographic of Sydney’s Inner West It is readily accepted as a truly Green product on many levels – low beer miles, no packaging or landfill waste, vegan friendly and locally grown ingredients – just to name a few. To provide as natural a product as can be produced, this beer is from the same beer stream as the Blonde Premium with natural carbonation levels, but with no filtration or processing. As this beer is only sold locally and delivered weekly, the freshness is truly evident in the taste. You’ll never see old stock on the shelf. With the success of this product and packaging philosophy, our range was expanded to include two very unique beers, Killagh Stout and Cinnamon Girl Spiced Ale. Both products represent a wide departure from the mainstream beers generally available.

Killagh Stout

Killagh Stout was developed as a dry Irish stout, using traditional ingredients including oatmeal and typical Irish finishing hops. With a more accessible alcohol level for this style @ 5.0 % ABV, this stout can to be enjoyed responsibly. The dry finish in this beer is very typical for this style.

Cinnamon Girl Spiced Ale

Cinnamon Girl was also developed with a nod to the traditions of brewing. Cinnamon had been used in brewing for millennia, having gone out of fashion with the development of commercial hop cultivation. The flavour of this beer is enhanced by the use of natural cinnamon, with an overlaying flavour of spice. Cinnamon is infused into a robust amber ale and provides a slight darkening of the colour and a thin veil of haze through the product.

Other Projects / Brickworks Brewing

As with all these beers, Trew Brew is striving to provide interesting, alternative beer styles for the Inner West beer market of Sydney. We believe that by focussing on this specific region we can provide a range of products without the need for additional logistical issues – distribution, mass marketing & advertising, etc., with obvious cost benefits for consumers. We can also continue to deliver exciting, naturally produced beers, sold exclusively close to their source. Also, special thanks must go to the ongoing supporters of both our brands and concepts within this area. Trew Brew has also produced a range of products exclusively for several local Outlets. These include Thunderbolt Strong Ale, Honey Porter, Hu Hu Pils (Pumphouse Tavern, Sydney) and E’ville Pilsner, (Hive bar, Erskineville). Since the inception of this brewing project, ST PETERS BREWERY SYDNEY PTY LTD has also provided a wide range of assistance to other start-up brewing companies, either at a consultation level or by contract brewing agreements. This company will continue to develop interesting products for distribution within this area. A Pilsner is currently under development, with possibly a Pale Ale following soon.